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TV Recap: 'The Secret Circle' Episode 111 - 'Fire/Ice'

The Secret Circle Episode 111


Written By: Dana Baratta

Directed By: Eagle Egilsson

Original Airdate: 12 January 2012

In This Episode...

It's time for the Fire & Ice dance, and nothing good ever comes from a school dance. But first, Cassie wants to do some digging into her father's past. Adam suggests the hall of records and goes with her. When the clerk is in the back, Cassie runs a search, but cannot find her father's name on anything: birth records, death records, obits, taxes, medical records... all she can find is a deed to a parcel of land. Adam recognizes the address - it is their abandoned witch house.

At the house, Cassie heads into the basement, where Adam says he put some of the stuff that was there when they found the place (which they found after a mention in Diana's grimoire as a place of magical convergence). It's mostly junk, but Cassie finds a strange symbol etched into the ceiling. She makes a sketch and shows it to Diana and Melissa, who are getting ready for the dance. She finds a portion of the sketch in her own grimoire, but notices a page missing and remembers Faye borrowed it. She calls Faye, who admits to stealing the page, and will bring it to the dance.

But Faye has other plans first. She and Lee sneak into Cassie's house and steal a necklace to use in the spell from that very grimoire page. Lee promises that the spell will drain Cassie's dark magic and tether it to Faye. They perform the ceremony in a classroom while the dance is going on. Imbued with power, Faye makes a grand entrance at the dance, turning the paper lantern decorations into real fires. No one notices at first. But when Cassie gets mad that Faye "forgot" to bring the page, she gets mad, and Faye gets mad, and that anger leads to bigger fires. In the meantime, the other members of the circle are suffering from debilitating dizzy spells. Melissa's are so bad, she collapses in the bathroom and knocks herself out on the edge of the sink. The fires get out of control, and glass icicles shatter to the ground. The kids evacuate from the gym, and Faye freaks out and breaks the spell. Once outside, Cassie realizes Melissa is missing. She runs back in to find her, and uses her magic to recede the flames from around the door (yet she doesn't bother to put out the flames...?) Cassie finds Melissa but is overcome with smoke and quickly drops. Mysterious black boots appear.

Cassie and Melissa wake out in the grass, safe but with no memory of how they got there. They join up with the rest of the circle in attacking Faye for her carelessness. She is mad that she is always "burned at the stake" (yeah she actually said that) while every time Cassie unleashes a demon slug or almost kills a friend with her mind, everyone just pats her on the head. So she tells them to get bent and heads straight for Lee.

Back at the witch house, Cassie theorizes that her dad was trying to use the dark magic spell to get rid of his power, and wants to do the same. And Jake shows up.

Dig It or Bury It?

Oh Secret Circle. Every time I think you are getting cool, you pussy out. Faye finally got all the power she wanted, then she got scared and gave it all back. Sure, when the circle gives her crap for it, she gets pissed and runs off to Lee, but she has cried wolf so many times, I just don't think she has it in her. She's an evil-tease.

That is the main problem here: The Secret Circle has no villain. The witch hunters came in for a couple episodes, but they were easily scared off. They start to make Faye bad, then she apologizes and puts her claws away. Dawn and Charles start off evil, but he finally decides that killing two people is enough for him and he wants out; Dawn's motives are unclear and she isn't even in every episode, so she doesn't really feel like a threat. With Vampire Diaries there is always a definitive villain. Season one: Katherine. Season two: Elijah. Season three: Klaus. Even when a villain becomes an unwitting ally, you know what the motives are.

I Put a Spell on You

Lee and Faye's spell required one of Cassie's personal objects: her necklace. Lee drew a triangle within a triangle on the ground and had Faye stand in the center while he lit candles and prepped oils. He unzipped Faye's dress - something she resisted at first - and uses a claw-shaped charm to  scratch five dashes along her spine (which turns her on). He then rubs a concoction in her wounds and places Cassie's necklace around her neck. The triangle flares up with fire, and Cassie and Faye are now bound. Later, when Faye freaks out and decides to break the spell, things are much simpler: she just drops the necklace into the bowl of oil and sets it on fire.

Saucy Witch

When Faye asks Lee what he gets out of helping her, he informs her that one day he might need a favor. "You're not getting laid," Faye promises. "When we have sex, it won't be because of some deal," he assures her.


Allegedly, next week we finally get the info on this mysterious fire that ravaged Chance Harbor. Jake was there, apparently (as a child I assume). I say allegedly because this show has lied to me before.