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TV Recap: 'The Secret Circle' Episode 112 - 'Witness'

The Secret Circle Episode 112


Written By: Dana Baratta

Directed By: Eagle Egilsson

Original Airdate: 19 January 2012

In This Episode...

Jake is back. He confirms that he was the one who saved Cassie from the school fire. Jake admits that he was on the boat the day of the fire, but blocked it from his memory (also, he was like five - who remembers stuff when they were five?) He has found a spell that will let Cassie go into his mind and essentially dig up his buried memories.

So Jake and Cassie are on the boat in his mind. Jake has blocked so much of it that he can only go so far on the boat before severe pain prevents him from moving forward. Cassie can't stop now, so despite the danger (they are supposed to stay together to remain grounded to the real world) she rushes off to learn the truth about their parents. Jake wakes up.

It turns out that 16 years ago, the parents met on the boat at the behest of witch hunters. They wanted to work out a truce. The circle was divided: half of them thought it was the only way to remain safe, but the other half (led by John) believe it was a trap. And a trap it was. The parents who died on that boat had their throats slit by the leader of the witch hunters; they did not die by fire. The witch hunters finally had a spell to kill John. They put a hood over his head, lashed him to a stake, and poured a dark powder on the floor in a circle around him. The witch hunters chant and set it alight. But John has a charm clutched in his hand, and he uses it to free himself from his binds, and direct the fire away from him and on to the witch hunters. The hunters are engulfed in flames which eventually get out of control and take over the boat. Meanwhile, John walks free. The charm he used against the witch hunters slips from his hands and through a grate on the floor.

Jake has to go back into his mind to get Cassie out. She tells him what happened and is convinced her father might be alive. She first goes to the boat and retrieves her father's charm. To prove his allegiance to the circle (now that he knows the hunters were lying to him the whole time), Jake goes with Cassie to the cemetery and dig up John's grave. In his coffin are nothing but animal bones.

Meanwhile, Dawn manipulates Ethan into getting him to get Charles's crystal. He does, but Charles plants seeds of doubt in his mind as to who killed Henry: Charles or Dawn? He decides to hold on to the crystal rather than turn it over to Dawn. Also, an old "friend" of Lee's stops by the shop, looking to score an herbal drug called Devil's Spirit. Lee claims he is out of the drug game, but reluctantly agrees to get Callum some. While Callum is waiting with Faye, he tells her about Devil's Spirit, and it piques her interest. Lee squashes her interest - a bit - when he tells her how it ruined his last girlfriend's life. Latter when Callum finds Faye, she takes the small baggie of drugs he offers.

Dig It or Bury It?

Finally. I finally feel that this episode is starting to move things forward.  It only took half a season to find out what happened in that boat fire. It makes the grown-ups drama less pointless (though not by much). I do think it is a bad sign that I liked Cassie better when she was comatose. The Faye storyline is shaping up to be a bad after-school special.

I Put a Spell On You

In order to do the memory spell, Jake needs something that would have been on the boat 16 years ago. He and Cassie collect a jar full of dirt and ashes. Back at the witch house, he and Cassie hold hands with a pinch of the ash/dirt in their hands. Cassie chants the spell (thankfully, in a foreign tongue) and the two are transported to the boat.


Faye is on drugs. Cassie uses dark magic, but the circle is doing some magic, too. Adam is pissed off that Cassie and Jake are hooking up.