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TV Recap: 'The Secret Circle' Episode 113 - 'Medallion'


Secret Circle Episode 113


Written By: Andrew Miller & Andrea Newman

Directed By: Liz Friedlander

Original Airdate: 2 February 2012

In This Episode...

Cassie gets a surprise visit from Lucy Gibbons. She was the woman who addressed Cassie while she was on the boat in Jake's mind. She is not a witch, but a psychic, and was very close with the circle, especially Cassie's parents. When she first saw Cassie she thought it was Amelia, but when she figured it out she had to come back to town and warn Cassie that the witch hunters are coming for her. Jake and Cassie try to figure out how to activate Blackwell's medallion and when they nearly bring the witch house down on themselves, Cassie turns to Lucy for help. Lucy tells her to gather the circle and meet in the woods behind the witch house, and she will help her unlock the medallion.

Before that can happen, Dawn pays Lucy a visit. Before Lucy left town, Dawn "marked" her. When she came back to town, a wound opened up on Dawn's palm to signal her arrival. Dawn is furious that Lucy is back. Dawn banished her because Lucy failed to protect Blackwell and the rest of the circle. Dawn says that Lucy can make it up to her by helping her locate the remaining family crystals. Later that night, Lucy visits Dawn, but it's not to help. It's to stab her ("I was never on your side"). By the episode's end, Charles has retrieved the crystal from Ethan (he roofied his coffee) and when he discovers Dawn in a pool of blood, he uses the crystal to bring her back.

The circle is assembled in the woods around a bonfire, chanting as Lucy instructs them. The kids start to feel dizzy, sick, generally weird. Melissa recognizes the feeling as the same from the Fire & Ice dance. Cassie realizes that the spell Lucy is directing them through is to sap their powers from them and lock it away in the medallion. Cassie suddenly remembers the spell Blackwell said on the boat and uses it to unlock the power of the medallion. Lucy is scared, especially when Cassie makes a line of fire chase Lucy down. She says the witch hunters made her do it, they threatened her. Lucy confirms that Blackwell is alive but swears she doesn't know where he is. Cassie sends Lucy back to the witch hunters to let them know that she has the medallion and she knows how to use it. The witch hunter (the black guy who was running the show 16 years ago) doesn't take this news well and kills the messenger.

Also: Melissa gets hooked on devil's spirit; it makes her feel "shiny." Callum is instantly attracted to Melissa, but I think her googly-eyes are aimed at his drugs. Jake and Adam are insanely jealous over each other's time spent with Cassie. Jake inexplicably calls Faye over for a quickie. (I assume this was some way at "getting back" at Cassie for an imagined infidelity?)

Dig It or Bury It?

Well, stuff is finally starting to happen, but I feel like every time they take a step forward, they take a step back. Dawn stabbing was no more shocking than if she stubbed her toe, because you knew she would just be revived. It's not even a cool revival - just rubbing a giant crystal on her head like a damn hippie. Lucy's betrayal was painfully obvious. Melissa's new drug problem hits  every addiction stereotype in the made-for-TV-movie handbook. The jealousy between Jake and Adam is ridiculous and totally unfounded - Cassie's not dating either of them.

I Put a Spell on You

When Lucy is directing the circle through the spell, she instructs them to focus on the fire, and breathe deep and slow. "Air we breathe, fire we feel," they chant. "By this circle, bind air and fire to medallion." It's not Shakespeare, but it's better than looking at your locker and saying, "Unlock."

Saucy Witch

Faye shows Melissa the devil's spirit, and Melissa asks if her "creepy voodoo friend" gave her that. "No, his even creepier biker pal did."


It's the scariest night of all: Valentine's Day. The girls have a slumber party and ignore every horror film ever made by playing with the ouija board.