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TV Recap: 'The Secret Circle' Episode 114 - 'Valentine'

Secret Circle Episode 114


Written By: Roger Grant

Directed By: Dave Barrett

Original Airdate: 9 February 2012

In This Episode...

It's Valentine's Day. The girls decide to have an anti-Valentine's Day slumber party. Before that, Cassie heads back to the witch house to try to connect with her dad again. A silent hooded figure is down there, waiting for her. She screams and runs upstairs, where Adam has just come in. They go back down, but the figure is gone. Cassie remembers a symbol on the robes (I didn't notice any symbol). Jake recognizes it as the symbol of the Nadarus coven that was killed out many years ago. While Cassie is at the slumber party, Jake consults with Isaac. He wants Jake to get the medallion from Cassie and bring it to him. The medallion is what was used to take - and store - the power of thousands of witches. As long as Cassie has the medallion, she is in danger.

Cassie goes to her slumber party, where the girls "wisely" decide to whip out the Ouija board and try to contact these ghost witches that are haunting her. The traditional planchette doesn't work, so they use Cassie's medallion - it spells out "sacred." Cassie is spooked. Diana and Melissa are tripping hard on devil's spirit, and Faye is busy with Lee and a totem he brought her. Adam texts Cassie, inviting her to dinner and she decides that that sounds more fun than hanging out with aloof Faye and stoned Diana and Melissa. So she takes off and heads to The Boathouse. On the way, a ghost witch is watching her on the road, and makes the medallion around her neck choke her. Cassie flips her SUV trying to free herself. She is okay, and runs into the woods after the ghost.

Jake goes looking for Cassie. She is not at the slumber party; she is not with Adam. So the two join forces to look for her. They find her SUV on the road. It is near the church where the Nadarus were exterminated. Their power lingers there. If they lured Cassie to the church, she is as good as dead. The ghosts did just that, and have Cassie surrounded. Adam threatens the ghosts with a knife (enjoy that for a minute. He threatens ghosts. With a knife) and they soon surround him - and possess him. Now that the spirits have been given a voice, they offer an ultimatum: turn over the medallion or this "shell" will be killed. Jake begs Cassie not to give in, but she has to save Adam. She offers the medallion to Demon Adam, but before he can take it, she closes it up in her palm and grinds it into pieces. The ghosts disappear and leave Adam bleeding but alive. Jake brings what remains of the medallion to Isaac, who is pissed that it is in ruins.

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode was actually pretty enjoyable. Once you get past the fact that the ghost witches look like the killer from I Know What You Did Last Summer, they were effectively creepy. The Girls Gone Stupid slumber party actually had some fun moments, largely because Diana and Melissa felt very natural, playing off one another. There were some downright stupid moments (see below for my favorite) but overall, this episode wasn't as annoying as others had been. Wait, I take that back. One of the last scenes was a forced, cheesy pillow fight between Faye, Diana, and Melissa - complete with flying feathers. It may have been hot if they weren't bundled up in blankets.

Worst. Moment. Ever.

I honestly can't remember what preceded this moment, or what would have elicited this response, but Jake yells at Cassie across the church, "I choose you!" I guess Cassie kind of looks like a Pokemon....

I Put a Spell on You

Lee brings Faye a totem. He tells her to sleep with it under her bed for a few weeks. It will sap the weakness out of her, leaving only strength and pure power. Later, Lee is shown with another totem, wrapped in a piece of fabric he stole from Faye, and given to a comatose woman - presumably his ex-girlfriend who was ravaged by devil's spirit.

Saucy Witch

Faye is trying to sneak out of Jake's room after their "shameful" night together. He is ogling her in her lingerie, claiming that she wore the slinky lingerie to seduce him. "I wear slinky lingerie because I like feeling slinky." Later at school, Melissa sees her and comments: "There is an extra sparkle in your bitchiness today."


Daddy's back - Cassie meets her father.