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TV Recap: 'The Secret Circle' Episode 115 - 'Return'

The Secret Circle Episode 115


Written By: David Ehrman

Directed By: Brad Turner

Original Airdate: 16 February 2012

In This Episode...

Cassie decides that even though her grandmother isn't back, she wants to move back home. At home, she discovers Jake has broken in to her home after he thinks he sees someone inside. They discover a mixture of ash and salt around her home - the calling card of a witch hunter. Later that night, after Cassie's first shift at her new job (barista), a man comes to the door: John Blackwell. Adam is on his way, so he convinces Cassie to meet him on the pier alone. He is adamant that no one know he is alive.

Cassie meets up with John. He came back for the medallion. When she activated it, it sent out the Bat Signal to him. As long as she has it she will never be safe. Cassie throws a teenaged temper tantrum and stomps off to her car. Waiting inside her car is witch hunter Evan. He knocks her out and takes her to the witch hunter boat house. When John realizes Cassie is missing, he checks in with Jake first, who immediately knows the hunters took her. While John checks with Adam (and sees Ethan, who is shocked and terrified to see him), Jake goes to the hunters and offers them John in exchange for Cassie.

When Cassie wakes, Evan assures her that the only way out of her current predicament would be with the now-destroyed medallion. But circumstances have changed, and she is free to go - after he forces her head back and puts drops of an amber liquid in her eyes and mouth. The hunters then bring Cassie to the woods to meet Jake and John. Jake is taken in exchange for Cassie, and she and John beat a hasty retreat. They don't make it very far before Cassie starts messing with a fallen tree branch. She freezes John in place and begins drawing a circle on the ground around him with the branch. She cannot stop what she is doing as the circle lights on fire. John refuses to physically stop her, but she can't stop on her own. Luckily the rest of the circle finds them. Cassie has been "spelled" by Evan and is essentially under his control. With the rest of the circle there, they throw Evan against a tree, impaling him on a broken branch, and break the spell, freeing John from the ring of fire. When they look back, Evan is gone. John decides that he is going to stay in town for awhile to protect Cassie. He suspects Evan is working with a witch.

Meanwhile, Callum invites Melissa to a voodoo party. The pair start playing with totems and he feels something intense. Luring her into a back room and locking the door, he asks her what she is. He figures out she is a witch and comes towards her menacingly. Melissa counters with, "If I am as powerful as you think I am, do you really want to test me?" He lets her go, and she runs into Faye and Diana, who had come with Lee to "rescue" Melissa. Melissa warns Faye that the totem that Lee gave her is dangerous. Lee goes to Faye's house later, breaks the totem, and insists it is not the object itself but the spell placed on it. He vows to protect her, and they start fooling around. Too bad for Lee's girlfriend, as she just woke up.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was definitely one of the better episodes of the season. Magic stuff actually happened, and the high school bullshit was kept to a minimum. Cassie did throw a couple of bratty teenaged tantrums, but I guess after losing her mother tragically and finally meeting the creepy father that abandoned her before she was born, she has a reason to throw a tantrum or two.

Favorite stupid moment of the night: John insists that Cassie not tell anyone that he has back, believing it will put her in danger (apparently more danger than she already is in...?). He is furious when she tells Adam that he is there, but in the next scene John goes to the witch house, encounters Jake, and immediately tells him who he is. Later, he goes to the bar, tells Adam who he is, and says hello to Ethan while he's at it.

I Put a Spell on You

Evan "spelled" Cassie, essentially turning her into a remote-controlled human. I'm not really sure what he was trying to accomplish by having her seal her father in a ring of fire. Would the fire eventually turn inward and roast him alive?

This Magic Moment

Ash mixed with salt can be used to neutralize a witch's power (like baking soda for magic). Also good at curbing unwanted magic is pure iron.

John also tells Cassie a little bit of their history - and when I say a little bit, I mean a little bit. The elder's stripped Amelia's generation of their powers, which is why the elders and the young'uns still have power. Apparently John is from a different generation, because "it somehow affected me, too."


The question on everyone's mind is: is John Blackwell good or evil?