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TV Recap: 'The Secret Circle' Episode 120 - "Traitor"

Episode 120 - "Traitor"
Written By: Roger Grant & Katie Wech
Directed By: Eagle Egilsson
Original Airdate: 26 April 2012

In This Episode...
Blackwell leads the kids in a spell to locate the remaining two crystals. The four that they have point show one of the crystals at Jake's house. That is because Faye and Jake stole Dawn's happy pills, then went to party at his house. When they opened up the pill bottle, they discovered that instead of pills, it is Faye's family crystal. They bring it to the witch house, leaving only Adam's crystal unaccounted for. Since the spell Blackwell cast didn't reveal its location, he decides that Adam's grandfather must have cast a cloaking spell on it. Adam is tasked with going through grandpa's belongings until he figures out what the spell could be. Melissa goes with him. Diana comes in and reveals to the circle that Blackwell is her biological father - a fact that she confronted Charles with earlier, one which he was horrified (but not surprised) to learn. Suddenly a wind picks up inside the house and one of the crystals is sucked into the center of the table and disappears.

The group decides this has to be the traitor's doing, so Jake calls Eben. If the completed crystal skull is the only way to defeat the traitor, logic stands that Eben would want to help. Ian shows up to the meet instead of Eben. He is another hunter, and he tells Jake and the group that Eben killed Isaac, then the traitor killed Eben. He doesn't know who the traitor is. The kids try the locator spell again (not sure why they didn't do that in the first place) and discover the traitor and the crystal are at Hudson Field. Hudson Field is an abandoned carnival. As if a running carnival wasn't scary enough, a broken-down and long-abandoned one is a million times creepier. Add to that a creepy, cloaked murderer on the loose, and a pile of dead hunters (including Ian) and you have pretty much hit the horror movie jackpot. The group splits up: Jake and Faye, and Cassie and Diana. Faye and Jake go into the haunted mansion attraction and discover the traitor has been living there. Diana and Cassie encounter the traitor. He runs, Cassie throws a spear at him telekinetically, but just knocks the traitor down instead of killing him (at Diana's insistence). The traitor picks himself up and continues running, but not before the girls see who it is: Nick.

Also: Diana confronts Charles about Blackwell being her dad. He didn't know it, but he and his wife separated for a few weeks and the timing all adds up. This certainly doesn't make Charles love Diana any less; it just makes him hate John more. He is determined to take Diana out of town, away from Blackwell. Blackwell uses Dawn's feelings for him to get her to try to convince Charles to stay. Diana makes it very clear that she will not uses her magic darkly. Adam finally figures out his grandpa's cloaking - and uncloaking - spell, and runs the location spell. It would seem his crystal is at the school.

Dig It or Bury It?
I've finally figured out why The Secret Circle just can't hook me: it moves too damn slow. Tonight's episode had plenty of interesting moments and important plot points, but they were so spread out that just as my interest is piqued, they slow down and I am bored again. There is a lt of chatter between all the witchy stuff that rudely reminds me that this is first and foremost, a show about teenagers.

Nick not being dead wasn't much of a surprise - when you kill off a "main" character in the first few episodes of a new series, you kind of have to figure out there is a very specific reason for doing so.

The Blackwell daughters are going to turn on one another. Diana is too much of a goody-goody, which leaves Cassie as the rebellious one, I guess.

I Put a Spell on You
While digging through grandpa's stuff, Adam finds his lucky coin, and recalls grandpa disappearing it for Adam's delight when he was a kid. Most kids get sleight-of-hand; Adam got real magic. Apparently all it took to cloak the coin was to squeeze it and concentrate hard. In order to uncloak it, he merely had to repeat the latin inscribed around the coin's edge.

The horrors of prom are magnified when Blackwell convinces Cassie to use her dark magic to locate the last crystal.