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TV Recap: 'The Secret Circle' Episode 121 - 'Prom'

The Secret Circle Episode 121


Written By: Holly Henderson & Don Whitehead

Directed By: Alex Zakrzewski

Original Airdate: 3 May 2012 

In This Episode...

It's prom, which automatically means shit will hit the fan. Never in the history of the horror genre has a school dance gone off without murder and mayhem. But before we get there, let's start the day before the dance. The kids are reeling from finding Nick alive-ish. John shows Cassie a spell she can do in the school to locate the exact location of the crystal. In doing so, she sees her mom, in high school, in 1995, running towards Diana's mom, Elizabeth. Cassie, on her own, is not powerful enough to see anything but a few fleeting moments, so she convinces Diana to try it with her tomorrow night, while the rest of the school is enjoying prom.

As the kids meet to go to the prom, Melissa finds Nick at their witch house. He is definitely not himself, but Melissa doesn't want to believe it - even when he screams at her to give him a crystal, then knocks her over when Adam enters. So once at school, Cassie and Diana hole up in a classroom, Melissa and Adam stand guard, and Faye and Jake keep their eyes open for Nick.

With Diana and Cassie combining their powers, they get a full scope of the crystal. Amelia is clutching the crystal, begging Elizabeth to take Diana and Charles and leave Chance Harbor forever. It is the night of the ferry fire, and Amelia tells Elizabeth not to go - John was setting them up. Elizabeth is furious because it was Amelia who brought John into the circle. Amelia knows that John is Diana's father, and she makes veiled threats to tell Charles. Elizabeth storms off, done doing whatever Amelia tells them to do. Next Amelia goes to a teacher, Mr. Conant, who is Adam's grandfather. It is then that we get the whole story: Ethan is turning John Blackwell over to the witch hunters. Amelia wants to get the hell out of Chance Harbor with Cassie to keep them safe. She reveals to Mr. Conant that John was using the circle. He got all six girls pregnant - two of his own doing, making sure the other four got knocked up by their boyfriends - so that the kids would grow up together and he could infiltrate their circle, which would be controlled by Balcoin blood. Amelia tells Mr. Conant to tell Ethan she never loved him - an obvious lie - but Cassie can never know who she really is.

With the connection broken, Cassie's world is shattered. Diana is furious with Cassie - it was her mom's fault that half their parents died, and she blames Cassie for blindly trusting Blackwell because of a genetic link. But they now know where the crystal is - hidden in the school trophy case - and they must keep it away from Blackwell. Nick overhears this and the kids race to get there before Nick does. Adam makes it, but Nick tackles him and runs off with the crystal. The circle chase him into a wrecking yard, where they find Nick trading Eben the crystal for the demon that once possessed him - it is keeping him alive. John shows up and saves the kids from getting smushed by a car that Eben force-threw at them. John battles Eben while Jake, Cassie, Adam, and Melissa go after Nick and the crystal. Jake tries to get through to Nick, but it's not his brother anymore. He begins choking out Jake, and Melissa stabs him to death. John returns, claiming to have scared Eben off. He got the crystal, but Eben kidnapped Faye. John insists that they create the crystal skull in order to get Faye back. (Funny - up to this point, John insisted that every member of the circle is needed to create the crystal skull.)

Also: John finds out that Charles is planning on leaving town with Diana. He can't let that happen, but as Dawn astutely points out, the whole town saw him and Charles brawl - if something happens to him, John will be the prime suspect. In order to break the parent-child bond, John haunts Charles with Amelia's death, which drives him a little mad. Diana finds him at home, babbling, and he confesses that he murdered Amelia. Diana freaks, runs from the house, and John is following her. Before he can make his move, Grant pulls up and Diana collapses into him. John fades back into the shadows.

Dig It or Bury It?

My logic is getting the better of me. So the parents all got knocked up in high school, and no one thought that was weird? Elizabeth and Charles were married at, what, like 16? And what about  Nick and Jake's parents? If Nick was meant to be part of the same circle, and Jake is two years older, that means their mom got knocked up at 14? This is like the ultimate Lifetime movie-of-the-week. Why the hell did the kids in 1995 look like they were dressed for 1988? And if the parents were 16 when they had kids, they would only be about 32 now. Natasha Henstridge is still beautiful, but she passed 32 long ago. Other than the logic issues, I actually liked this episode - I felt like it went somewhere. But six pregnant 16-year-olds in the same class, in a small town, and no one freaks out? I cannot accept that.

I Put a Spell on You

The magic is simple tonight. John tells Cassie that her Balcoin blood is attuned to the crystal, and can lead her to it. Inside the school, Cassie must draw a simple symbol (a plus sign, representing the points on a compass, with a line on the bottom to keep her grounded to the crystal) in her own blood. No chanting, no strange language - just a little blood.

Saucy Witch

Melissa refuses to believe that the Nick they found wasn't the Nick they knew. Faye has to disagree: "He definitely seems more into massacring than he used to."


In the season finale, Cassie convinces Diana to tap into her dark magic so they can activate the crystal skull and save Faye.