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TV Recap: 'The Secret Circle' Episode 122 - 'Family'


The Secret Circle Episode 122


Written By: Andrew Miller & Andrea Newman.

Directed By: Dave Barrett

Original Airdate: 10 May 2012

In This Episode...

Eben tells Cassie that he will let Faye go in exchange for one of the crystals. His goal is to prevent the circle from creating the crystal skull. The kids are divided between creating the skull and just trying to use their circle magic to save Faye. So they split up. Melissa, Jake, and Adam go to the ferry where Eben is holding Faye hostage. They wait there (Jake impatiently) until they hear from Cassie and Diana, who went with John to turn the crystals into a skull. Creating the skull means destroying the family crystals so they can form into one solid skull, and it will also unbind the circle. Diana doesn't like that idea, but Cassie strong arms her into it. Cassie takes the skull from the water and is overwhelmed by the power it has. John takes it, insisting that Cassie isn't strong enough to use the crystal to destroy Eben. She fights back, and Diana backs her up. John uses magic to knock both girls out.

When they come to, they are in the witch house, behind a magical force field. John finally reveals his true plot: not to kill the witch hunters, but to kill the witches. Not all witches - just those without Balcoin blood. He has a very Nazi-esque view of how witches should be a "pure, superior" race, and only Balcoins are worthy. He also has four other children, scattered across the country, who are coming here to create a circle with Diana and Cassie, making them the most powerful circle ever.

While all this is going on, the rest of the circle start to realize they have their individual powers back. Faye escapes her binds but for whatever reason, can't escape the ferry. Instead she beats up the goon that stole her cell phone and calls her mom for help. Dawn then calls Charles, whose mom is in town. She lets them know that when the elders stripped the middle generation of their powers, they destroyed them. They cannot be reinstated, so instead she gives her powers to Dawn and Charles.

While Adam is off searching for Cassie and Diana, Jake and Melissa go onto the ferry to rescue Faye. They are all attacked by Eben, who ties them to a stake and sets the room on fire. Dawn and Charles arrive, and split up: Dawn rescues the children, while Charles deals with Eben. For whatever reason, the only thing Charles can do is draw the demons out of Eben and into himself. While the girls escape, Jake runs to help Charles. He uses the opportunity to stab Eben to death.

Meanwhile, John is starting the spell that will destroy non-Balcoin witches. Melissa, Adam, Dawn, and the rest double over in agony as they are burned from the inside out. Cassie forces Diana to tap into her dark magic by trying to kill her. Their power together allows them to break out of their invisible prison. Cassie grabs the skull and, in a ridiculous scene, holds it out in John's direction, while he holds his palm out at her, both fighting an invisible magic fight. Diana begrudgingly joins Cassie, and the two girls together are too much for John.

When the dust settles, it would appear John is dead. The kids are debating whether or not to re-bind the circle. Only Cassie wants to re-bind, as it is the only way to protect her and Diana from being bound into a Balcoin circle. Diana, terrified by the dark magic she felt, runs off with Grant. Charles's mom exorcises the demons out of him. Jake gets a package from his grandpa, warning him that the circles are coming together and his fight is far from over. And at the edge of town, four figures stand in the shadows - the four remaining Balcoin children.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was a pretty good episode - finally I felt like something happened, the story progressed, and there wasn't a lot of pointless bullshit. Some of the logic was a little warped, namely the disparity of powers. The producers of The Walking Dead once said about the speed of the zombies, "They are only ever as fast as they need to be" - if they need to kill someone, they are a little faster; if someone needs to escape, they are a little slower. I feel like the same can be said about the witches of The Secret Circle - each witch is only as powerful as he or she needs to be in any given situation. Should the show get renewed (forget what the bubble-watchers say; I feel fairly confident that The Secret Circle will get a second season - we will discuss in next week's autopsy) they have left it in a good place. I think setting up season two with a new crop of witches (hopefully some of which will be less obnoxious) is a great direction to take the show in.

I Put a Spell on You

In order to turn the six chunks of crystal into a crystal skull, John lays them out in a line on the beach. He chants, they ignite. He, Diana, and Cassie each take two crystals and throw them into the water. The crystals will be destroyed and reform as the skull, but first they must wait for the crystal to come to them. The water bubbles and Cassie wades out to collect a massive, molten glob that looks like white snot. She sets it on the sand and both Cassie and Diana lay on hands until the glob, in a cheesy morphing special effect, condenses into a skull.


I think the chances of The Secret Circle returning for a second season are 60/40 in favor.