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News Article

'Twilight' Could Have Been Much, Much Scarier


I am not a fan of the Twilight movies. In fact, I do not like them. But one of the extras from the upcoming Twilight Forever movie collection piqued my interest - because it was more hideous, horrifying, and grotesque than a love scene between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. 

It was the animatronic doll that almost was their love-baby.

Having not seen the movie that the baby was in, I cannot compare (though I read it ended up being a CGI baby) but this thing is just, well, terrifying.

The cast and crew took to calling the animatronic monster "Chuckesme," a combination of "Chucky" and "Renesme" (which is the baby's name, and quite frankly the most horrible name I have ever heard). Personally, I would feel safer sleeping with Chucky than this abomination.