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'Twilight' Star Attached to 'Gallows Hill'


When you’re taking on your first non-franchised film to direct, it’s not a bad thing to have a dreamy star from a number of blockbuster films attached to the project. That’s just what’s happening with Gallows Hill.

Peter Facinelli, known to many a fangirl as Twilight’s Carlisle Cullen, will be starring in Victor Garcia’s newest project. Garcia’s past films include Return to the House on Haunted Hill and Hellraiser: Revelations. Gallows Hill tells the story of an American and his new fiance who fly to Columbia to pick up his troubled teen daughter. Bad luck follows the trio and after they are in a car accident they find themselves stranded at an inn. Anyone who watches genre knows, stranded at inn can only mean one thing: evil innkeeper. Not surprisingly, it turns out the innkeeper has a girl locked in his basement.

Sophia Myles of Underworld fame plays Facinelli’s fiance and they script was written by Richard D’Ovidio who also penned Thir13en Ghosts.

via The Hollywood Reporter