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News Article

'Twilight Zone' Loses Matt Reeves


A few months ago, we reported that Warner Bros. was hard at work on a new Twilight Zone movie that they hoped would be a summer tentpole film. They've hit a snag and lost director Matt Reeves due to "scheduling conflicts."

This news comes from Variety reporter Justin Kroll's personal Twitter feed: "Due to scheduling conflicts, looks like Matt Reeves will not be helming WB's TWILIGHT ZONE pic. Studio has now placed an ODA on project." ODA means open directing assignment - they are meeting with new potential directors.

The Twilight Zone project has a troubled history. At last check the project was on its third screenwriter, Joby Harold, whose only produced screenwriting credit is Awake. Of course, this is nothing compared to the troubles with the original 1983 film, which saw three actors killed during filming. Unlike that project, this Twilight Zone is said not to be an anthology.

And, you know, hopefully not fatal.