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Two New Cradle Of Filth Albums Underway


UK metallers (and FEARnet faves) Cradle of Filth have been busy little beasts this year... not only did they release the Evermore Darkly CD/DVD set as promised, but they're also nearing the completion stage of their long-awaited orchestral album Midnight In The Labyrinth, and now frontman Dani Filth has revealed that the band is already deep into the creative process on their next full-length lyrical album. We've got Dani's latest update below the jump, which includes new details about both upcoming projects... so read on and find out more!

Dani announced on his official blog that the band is "already past the demoing stage" on the songs "The Abhorrent" and "Siding with the Titans," with another still-unnamed track "snapping swiftly on their heels." He went on to reveal that the new material is "sounding sonically, well, like Cradle Of Filth, but in a very good way. But then again I would say that, wouldn't I? Whether it be true or not, I think the songs thus far sound fab, very atmospheric but driving headlong, eerily cinematic and really memorable."

The frontman also mentioned that the band has set their sights on a tentative Halloween 2012 release for the new album, and they are currently planning to hit the studio in March to record the final versions. "This would put the band firmly back out on the road towards the end of next year," he estimated, "possibly straight into the maw of Europe. There will be new things in the Cradle Of Filth canon as we really try not to stagnate – well, not outside of our stage clothes anyway – but rest assured what has surfaced already is killer material indeed. And no, it's not's another fucking concept album!"

As for Midnight in the Labyrinth – a nine-track epic containing symphonic versions of classic Cradle tunes like "Summer Dying Fast," "Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids," "Dusk and Her Embrace" and "The Forest Whispers My Name" – Dani hinted that it "should see the poisonous light of day in April 2012... ish." More updates to come!