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Tyler Bates Launching New Label with 'H2' Soundtrack

Composer Tyler Bates, whose memorably intense scores have graced most of Rob Zombie's feature films as well as blockbusters like 300, Watchmen and the Dawn of the Dead remake, will be releasing his original music for the upcoming Halloween 2 via his own newly-launched label, Abattoir Recordings. The soundtrack album will also include never-before-released music cues from Bates' work on the previous Halloween installment. Read on for more info!

Aside from a nod to John Carpenter's classic theme, Bates applied his own signature style to Zombie's franchise reboot, but most of the score cues from the first installment were left off the official soundtrack CD in favor of Rob's usual eclectic selection of '70s radio-rock tunes. Bates has restored some of those missing cuts (including the epic closing track “H1 Killing Spree”) for the physical CD release, which will be released in tandem with the H2 DVD – but the digital version will be available on iTunes this Friday when the film hits theaters.

Distribution for the digital album is being handled by E1 Music, who have also announced a planned series of musical projects with Bates and Abattoir Recordings for 2010.