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Type O Negative Vinyl Set Coming Soon


Roadrunner Records will be lending a whole new meaning to "Black Friday" this year when they release a limited-run box set of gothic metal legends Type O Negative, containing creepy green vinyl pressings of all six records the band recorded on that label. It's the first major official compilation of the band's work since the untimely death of the band's frontman Peter Steele last year, and contains some seriously gross visuals that ironically honor the singer/songwriter's jet-black sense of humor. Hit the jump for more info...

The box set will feature double-disc green vinyl editions of the albums Slow, Deep and Hard, The Origin of the Feces, Bloody Kisses, October Rust, World Coming Down and Life Is Killing Me. Each album will also feature new liner notes documenting its history, and the original artwork will be recreated for each, including the seldom seen, controversial original cover for Origin of the Feces, which can best be described as the original "goatse" shot. (If you're not familiar with that term, please do not Google it.)

In his statement to the press, Type O drummer Johnny Kelly jokingly expressed disappointment that the label didn't do the "scratch-and-sniff" cover the band wanted for Feces, but otherwise said he was impressed with the end product.

Appropriately enough, the set is scheduled for release on Black Friday (November 25th) and will only be distributed through independent retailers. Only 1000 copies will be sold, so mark your calendar...