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UFO Spotted Hovering Over England


UFO sighting UK

Photographer Rob Tibbles of the North Devon Journal in North Devon, England was taking pictures of a wind farm on the weekend of November 23rd, an ordinary photo-shoot that took a turn for the strange when Tibbles got home and examined the many photos he had snapped.  The photographer was shocked to discover a strange object in the sky above the wind turbines, which he hadn't noticed while he was on location.  A blemish in the photograph?  Perhaps.  Though other accounts from locals will lead you to believe otherwise.

After publishing the image in the Journal, several locals wrote in and reported similar sightings, including objects and bright lights in the sky.  The most interesting of the reports came from Dulverton resident Jacqueline Leighton Boyce, who actually shot video footage to back up her claims of seeing a "strange, very large bright thing in the sky."  You can check out that footage below.

The claim from a British military base is that they were engaged in a training exercise that Saturday, which they say explains the UFO sightings.  Then again, that's precisely the explanation we always seem to get in cases such as this.  Anyone who witnessed the display of aerial light is encouraged to contact the North Devon Journal with their stories.

Could this truly be an alien aircraft caught on film?  Comment below and let us know what you think!