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UK Family Flees Home After Hundreds of Spiders Emerge from Bananas


banana spider

At the tail end of last year, we reported on a story from the UK, where a family ran in terror from their home, after dozens of spiders burst from a bunch of bananas. Though the photo above is from that family's horrifying experience, this next story reads more or less the same... except with more spiders. A whole lot more spiders.

The Independent reports that family man Jamie Roberts noticed white patches on a bunch of bananas he had in the house earlier this week, initially mistaking them to merely be mold. What he soon realized, however, is that the patches of "mold" were actually spider nests, and it wasn't long before hundreds of baby arachnids crawled their way through the bananas, and literally invaded the Roberts family's home. “It was like something out of a horror film because suddenly the window sill was moving with hundreds of these spiders," said the father-of-two.

Roberts phoned the supermarket where he purchased the bananas from, who organized for pest control to come in and take care of the infestation. The family was evacuated from their home for three days, and toxic fumes were used to kill all of the creepy crawlies inside.

Banana Spider

Roberts and his wife believe that the spiders were of the Brazilian Wandering variety (above), more commonly known as banana spiders. These so-called banana spiders are quite deadly, outfitted with a poison that can paralyze and even asphyxiate humans.

You can keep all the bananas, monkeys. I'm no longer interested.