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News Article

UK Man Dies After Opening Mysterious Box



We've posted some pretty bizarre news stories over the years here on FEARnet, but I'm thinking this next one just might take the cake...

England's News & Star reported this week that a 37-year-old UK man by the name of Jason Airey dropped dead back in May, allegedly after opening up a mysterious box.  To this day authorities still have no idea exactly what happened, but the autopsy showed that Jason's heart stopped beating, causing all of his other organs to fail - he was apparently perfectly healthy, the day prior.  Lying next to Jason's body, when he was found in his bedroom?  A container labeled 'Pandora's Box.'

Pandora's Box is of course an icon of Greek mythology, said to contain all of the evils in the world.  If you open it, you unleash the evil... so goes the story, at least.

So, what was found inside this 'Pandora's Box'?  Marijuana, which was not found in Jason's body during the autopsy.  He apparently died of natural causes.

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