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UK's FrightFest Unveils Limited Edition John Carpenter Poster Collection


Escape from New York

Since the year 2000, London has played host to the FrightFest film festival, which has become one of the leading genre festivals in the world. In addition to the annual festival, the dudes who run it launched FrightFest Originals back in the summer of 2012, a label that releases limited edition art prints in tribute to fan-favorite genre films from the past and present.

Now available from FrightFest Originals is the John Carpenter poster collection, which features artwork from five different artists, inspired by five different Carpenter classics. You will notice that Halloween and The Thing are not in the collection, which was a conscious decision on the part of the festival's founders, who wanted to offer up some love to Carpenter flicks that don't always get it.

Check out the complete collection below, and purchase prints over on the FrightFest Originals website. Only 60 of each are available, and the Christine and Fog prints go up for grabs on March 7th and March 14th, respectively, while the others can be ordered right now. There's also a They Live color variant, while you'll see over on the site!

They Live

Prince of Darkness


The Fog