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Undead Beavers Attack in Gory 'Zombeavers' Trailer



I'm not sure how it happend, and I'm not saying I mind, but it's really become a trend within the horror genre of late to combine two unrelated words into one humorous one, and then make a movie out of it. In the wake of films like Sharknado and Sharktopus comes Zombeavers, an upcoming horror comedy that should be pretty self explanatory, even without looking at the particularly awesome poster you see above.

Zombeavers is the demented brain-child of former stand-up comedian Jordan Rubin, who makes his writing and directing debut with the film. Once he came up with the idea - over a few drinks, I would imagine - Rubin cut together a concept trailer as a way to pitch it to potential investors, mashing together clips from BBC nature documentaries and already existing horror films. Much to his surprise, the faux trailer caught the attention of some big name Hollywood producers, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now that the film is getting ready to gnaw its way into our lives, check out the just released official trailer for Zombeavers, which sees three sexy young ladies being terrorized by the nasty little buggers!

Think zombie beavers are terrifying? Check out these zombie bees, which are currently wreaking havoc over in Vermont!