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News Article

'Undead Knights' Wield Evil Metal!

Buzz for Tecmo’s upcoming horror-adventure PSP game Undead Knights was already in the air at this month’s E3 Expo, but the latest news from reveals that the game will now benefit from a double-dose of Satanic metal, thanks to extreme bands Valdur and Lightning Swords of Death. Get the rest of the story below the fold!

Undead Knights, which is scheduled for release this fall, puts a cool spin on the zombie game genre by putting the player in the undead role for a change: you can play one of three warriors who make a pact with a demon to battle beyond the grave… and your powers include the ability to turn your slain enemies into trash-talking zombie minions, which is pretty sweet.

A concept this evil needed appropriately demonic accompaniment, so Tecmo sought out some of California’s wickedest black-metal acts – Valdur and Lightning Swords of Death (whose name comes from the US version of Japanese “Lone Wolf & Cub” film Baby Cart to Hades). LSOD frontman Autarch was thrilled to have the opportunity to infuse the game with the band’s blasphemous spirit.

“Once the premise of the game was presented to us, it was clear that this rare opportunity provided yet another form of media that could be used to spread our message, without sacrificing the principles and ideology of the band,” Autarch explained. “We also take delight in the idea of children all over the world receiving the glory of our hymns while enslaving the dead."