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News Article

'Under the Dome' Gets Second Season and Stephen King


The latest news out of the TCA press tour is that CBS has renewed Under the Dome for a second season. I'm not sure if this surprises me or not. On the one hand, Under the Dome was planned as a "limited series event," meaning that there is supposed to be a resolution at the end of the twelve episodes. On the other, it is the highest rated summer premiere on any network since 2000 - and money talks.

On the upside, producer Brian K. Vaughn has tapped Stephen King to write the season two premiere. According to the Hollywood Reporter

"When we first started talking to Stephen, we came up with the idea of the town potentially being trapped for years at a time, and that's something that [King said] you guys could get to do that I didn't," Vaughan told reporters ahead of the premiere, noting it might necessitate a different ending to the series. "We pitched Stephen a far-out, big-swing idea for this to go several years -- a different ending -- and he was really excited by it."

Under the Dome season two will begin next summer.