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'Underworld Awakening' Awakens on Top of the Box Office


Looks like nothing on earth can stand in the way of Kate Beckinsale in skin-tight black leather. Underworld Awakening (the fouth Underworld film and the third to star Beckinsale) was tops at the box office this weekend, beating George Lucas's second-place Red Tails. More after the jump.

According to The Hollwood Reporter, Underworld Awakening earned $25.4 million this weekend, the second highest opening for an Underworld film ever (after Underworld: Evolution). Red Tails took in $19.1 million.

"Underworld Awakening, the fourth outing in the Kate Beckinsale vampire-werewolf franchise, benefited greatly from being released in 3D, with IMAX accounting for 15 percent of the grosses. The horror action pic, which received an A- CinemaScore, out-grossed two of the three previous titles in the series, unusual for a fourth installment.

"Threequel Underworld: Rise of the Lycons debuted to $20.7 million in January 2009, a franchise low. The original Underworld opened to $21.8 mllion, followed by $26.9 million for sequel Underworld: Evolution.

"'Kate in the role of Selene is just a force to be reckoned with,' Sony president of worldwide distribution Rory Bruer said. 'This film may be the best received of the franchise.'

"Overseas, Underworld: Awakening was just as impressive, grossing $13.4 million from 36 territories, including a $5.4 milion debut in Russia--more than 7 times the opening of Underworld: Evolution, the top performer in the series. Worldwide, Awakening debuted to $38.8 million.

"Underworld: Awakening, co-produced by Sony and Lakeshore Entertainment for $70 million, is a much-needed win for Clint Culpepper's Screen Gems. Males made up the majority of the audience, or 55 percent, while 60 percent of those buying tickets were over the age of 25."