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News Article

Unintentionally Scary Toy: Baby Button Eyes Comes to Life!


So a while ago, I saw this commercial and I literally sat up and yelled, "The prophecy has been fulfilled!":

For you see, many years ago, The Simpsons featured this exact toy as a murderous doll. who couldn't be killed. In this episode from 2004, Homer takes Bart, Lisa, and the Flanders kids to the movies. There, they run into Homer's co-worker Lenny, who is there to see a movie that he had a small role in: "The Re-Deadening." Baby Button Eyes was the killer in "The Re-Deadening," and she was out for blood.

Watch this clip from The Simpsons and try to scrub your brain clean of the hideous hot pink nightmare above. 

I'm not sure which is scarier: Baby Button Eyes, or Lalaloopsy.
Wait, yes I do. Lalaloopsy.