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This Unique Jewelry is Made from Human Teeth and Hair


teeth jewelry

You might expect a cannibal tribe in a remote part of the world to turn human teeth and locks of human hair into jewelry, and you'd also probably expect rings and necklaces fashioned from parts of the human body to be fairly grotesque, and quite gruesome. But jewelry designer Polly van der Glas' wearable creations are somehow neither grotesque nor gruesome... and I'm pretty sure she's not a cannibal, either.

Located in Melbourne, Australia, Van der Glas primarily works with teeth, hair and even fingernails, which replace the typical gemstones you often find in things like necklaces, rings and earrings. Brought to our attention by Beautiful Decay, her handmade jewelry manages to be beautiful and elegant, despite the materials used, and she hopes that it makes a statement about the nature of beauty itself.

human tooth earrings

'Polly is interested in examining the constructed nature of beauty,' the bio on her website reads, 'particularly the kind of beauty and bodies our culture values. When attached to the body, we praise hair and teeth that adhere to the rules. They are key sites where body beauty is defined. Yet when they are shed, their meaning and value undergoes a dramatic transformation. Polly's work explores this transformation in meaning, and uses it to destabilise ideas about beauty.'

Head over to the Van der Glas Etsy shop to learn more, where you can purchase some of her unique creations!