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News Article

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Introduces Chucky and Purge Scarezones


Universal Studios has introduced two new Scarezones for their annual Halloween Horror Nights.

First up is "The Curse of Chucky," created to promote the new direct-to-DVD Chucky movie. This is Chucky's first Scarezone at the park, and I have to imagine will have a lot of people dressed as the killer doll.

Then, to tie in with The Purge release on blu-ray, DVD, VOD, etc. on October 8th, guests will enter a Purge-themed Scarezone the moment they enter the park. It will put the guests in the world of the Purge, where crime is legal for 12 hours. You cannot actually commit crimes in the scare zone, but you will "become engaged in the film’s most memorable scenes while trying to run for [your] life."

Halloween Horror Nights starts on September 20th, and runs most nights through Halloween. For more info and to buy tickets, visit