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Unsettling Greenpeace Video Uses Santa to Spread Environmental Message


Environmental organization Greenpeace has been criticized by many people over the years for their oftentimes controversial means of getting across their positive messages.  True, sometimes you have to resort to extreme and attention grabbing measures to get people to process and understand what you're trying to say, but the organization has a way of sometimes going a little too far.  And I'm thinking that's precisely what they've done with this latest campaign.

As always, the cause is a good one.  Dubbed 'Save the Arctic,' Greenpeace is looking to help prevent the rapidly melting Arctic's further destruction by oil companies, whose drilling in the Arctic Ocean is only serving to speed up the process.  That's all good and well.  But here's where things take a turn for the weird.

Tying the campaign in with the Christmas season, Greenpeace has enlisted the help of none other than Santa Claus himself, putting together a controversial call to action video that quite frankly looks like it's ripped straight out of a new found footage holiday horror flick.

In the highly manipulative and totally unsettling video, Santa informs us that his home at the North Pole is melting, and that Christmas will forever come to an end if we don't do something to help.  "Dear children," the bizarre plea begins, "regrettably I bring bad tidings."  "Unless we all act urgently, then I have to warn you of the possibility of an empty stocking... forevermore," he goes on to say.

Check out the video and then let us know what you think.  Clever?  Or just plain manipulative and weird?  Sound off below!