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Unsettling Video Shows Parallels Between Zombies and Black Friday Shoppers


Though the day after Thanksgiving didn't officially become the busiest and most chaotic shopping day of the year until the early 2000s, George Romero more or less predicted the future in 1978 when he made Dawn of the Dead - a commentary and satire on consumerism that is even more relevant today than it was back in the 70s.  So dangerous and insane has Black Friday shopping become that it's quite frankly hard to differentiate between footage of post-Thanksgiving shopping sprees and clips from zombie movies, which is a pretty damn frightening thing.  Have we become the zombies of Romero's films, all in the name of getting a good deal?

In this well-timed mash-up video from Andrew Kasch, the director of the documentary Never Sleep Again, clips from Dawn of the Dead and other zombie movies are edited together with news footage of Black Friday shoppers at their worst, an unsettling mix that drives home the message Romero was sending all those years ago.  No, dead people probably won't ever rise up from their graves and feast on our brains.  But are us humans really that much better than those undead monsters of fiction?  After watching this video, I think you'll find it incredibly hard to answer yes to that question...