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Upcoming Game Gives Movies Like 'Alien' a Donkey Kong Makeover


Donkey Kong Alien

Few video games are more iconic than the original Donkey Kong, an arcade game with a simple premise that still to this day sucks up quarters and free time like they're going out of style.  I'm willing to bet that there's not a single person reading this who hasn't toggled that joystick in an attempt to save the damsel in distress from the giant ape.  But no matter how many fistfuls of quarters you've pumped into the machine, you've never played Donkey Kong like THIS before!

Independent video game developer Bruno R. Marcos posted a promotional video over the weekend for a new game he's working on called Donkey-Me, which takes the simple premise of the classic game and gives it a Hollywood makeover.  The game allows you to choose heroes from different action and adventure flicks, ranging from Alien to Big Trouble in Little China, and then lets you play Donkey Kong with those characters and in those settings.  When you choose Ellen Ripley as your hero, for example, you're tasked with jumping over Face Huggers and outrunning Xenomorphs, on a mission to save a fellow Nostromo crew member.  Brilliant?  I think so!

You can check out the awesome promotional video below, and expect the full game soon.  Keep up to date with the project over on Marcos' website!