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Updated: 'Dollhouse', 'Fringe' Renewed! 'Sarah Connor' Cancelled'! Behold the Fall Schedule!


Updated at 12:00 P.M.

It's like Christmas for TV watchers – the upfronts.  Networks announce returning shows, and pilot pick-ups.  According to the Hollywood Reporter, this year seems to be particularly prosperous for genre fans.  Over at Fox, Dollhouse is getting a surprising pickup – though with a budget cut.  This move is largely because the network wants to keep scripted programming on Friday night.  (Not exactly a vote of confidence.)  Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles, however, is definitely cancelled.  We all know Fringe got a 22-episode pickup, but Fox announced that they will move it to one of the most competitive time slots of the week: Thursdays at 9pm, putting it up against ratings superheroes Grey's Anatomy, CSI, and The Office.  I think it's great that Fox feels so confident in Fringe, although in this day of DVRs and Hulu, time slots don't seem to matter as much as program quality. Get the latest details on all the new genre shows after the jump.

ABC seems to be the frontrunner in genre programming.  Eastwick, V, and the David Goyer-helmed Flash Forward have all gotten series orders.  While V is the only series so far to announce a 13 episode pickup, it's pretty safe to say Eastwick and Flash Forward will follow suit, as 13 is a pretty standard order for a new drama series.  Flash Forward has a tough time slot: Thursdays at 8pm, leading into the sentimental Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. Eastwick hits Wednesdays at 10pm.  V will come midseason, but don't think it's being cast aside: ABC entertainment president Steve McPherson has said that V will go four seasons, each consisting of anywhere from 13 to 22 episodes.

Meanwhile, Medium is caught between two worlds.  With NBC losing five prime-time drama slots next season to Jay Leno's talk show, and the announcement that they will bring back the fledgling (but awesome) Chuck, the chances of Medium getting picked up are slimming; though CBS has expressed interest in picking up the supernatural series.  NBC has, however, picked up 13 episodes of Heroes, to air at 8pm on Mondays. Chuck will take over that timeslot midseason.

And while not exactly genre shows, two Whedon alums (a.ka. knights of the Holy Order of Joss) are getting series pickups: Nathan Fillion will be back for a second season of Castle Monday nights at 10pm on ABC, and the small-town murder mystery Happy Town, starring Amy Acker, gets a series order, also on ABC, planned for midseason.  No word yet on what this means for her role in Dollhouse.

And, no, Supernatural and Smallville fans -- we haven't forgotten about you. The CW announces its lineup tomorrow.