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News Article

Vampires SUCK...and Rock!


We learned from horror site ShockTillYouDrop that filming has begun in Toronto on the rock 'n' roll vampire comedy Suck, featuring a once-in-a-lifetime cast lineup of legendary real-life rockstars.

Written, directed by and starring Canadian comedian/filmmaker Rob Stefaniuk (Phil the Alien), Suck chronicles the career highs and lows of a loser rock band (ironically named The Winners) whose chance meeting with a vampire (Dimitri Coats, frontman for indie-rockers Burning Brides) gives them a shot at a very different kind of immortality.

So how's this for a supporting lineup: Henry Rollins plays a radio host, Moby plays the lead singer of the band “Secretaries of Steak” (nice touch considering he's a vegan and all), Iggy Pop plays a record producer, Canadian alt-rock diva Carole Pope plays a club manager, and the one and only Alice Cooper plays alongside his daughter Calico as a bloodsucking barkeep and his employee, respectively. Also joining the cast are Malcolm McDowell as a neurotic monster hunter (riffing on his role in Rob Zombie's Halloween) and Kids in the Hall alumnus Dave Foley as the Winners' manager.

Described as “Rocky Horror meets Spinal Tap,” the film will feature several original songs, most co-written by Stefaniuk himself, with additional contributions from Burning Brides and Men Without Hats' Ivan Doroshuk.