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News Article

The Vegas Strip Will Run Red With Eli Roth's Goretorium


The recently released, non-Eli Roth-directed Hostel III was set in Las Vegas - could it have been a less-than-subtle advertising scheme? News broke today that Roth is in the process of opening a horror-themed attraction in the heart of the Las Vegas strip. Hit the jump for more.

Roth hasn't revealed exactly what the Goretorium will hold, but it seems a safe assumption to say that it will be gory. It seems it will be a multi-level "haunted house"-style attraction. The attraction can't be that big, though - it looks like it will share a building with non-horror tourist traps like a Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., a Panda Express, and a store that exclusively sells magnets. The Goretorium is scheduled to open on September 27th, but the attraction won't be limited to the Halloween season - the Goretorium will remain open all year round.

Roth's goal is to make the Goretorium "the world mecca for horror fans." He is already in talks with franchising the attraction in London, Tokyo, and across America. The Las Vegas location is located on the Strip at Harmon - right next to Planet Hollywood and across from City Center.

Source: Deadline and Vegas Chatter