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Vergil Bringing Some Brotherly Love to ‘DmC’



We’ve seen plenty of Dante from DmC, the upcoming reboot/sequel/alternate universe take on Capcom’s classic Devil May Cry, but what about Vergil, his twin brother with whom he shares his demon-fueled powers?  He’s also present in the Ninja Theory-developed title, but in a very different capacity from the original games.

The Gamescom trailer, courtesy of G4, shows Vergil as the leader of The Order, the demon-fighting rebellion going against the infernal status quo.  He is clearly the dapper, high-class yin to Dante’s street punk yang, and the two of them look to play off of each other, albeit in a far less volatile fashion than in games past.  I’m definitely digging the subliminal messages that underlie the advertising in DmC’s world—do I detect a well-viewed copy of They Live at Ninja Theory headquarters?

DmC will be released January 15th, 2013 on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.