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News Article

'The Video Dead' Coming to DVD from Scream Factory


Scream Factory has just announced via their Facebook page that the seminal 80's VHS flick (also cheesefest), The Video Dead will be coming to DVD. No word yet on date, bonus features or Blu-ray release, but I think it's safe to assume that this one might be coming to just DVD.

Check out this description from IMDB user Jean-Marc Rocher:

An unlabelled crate from an unknown source is delivered to a house in the woods. The homeowner unwisely accepts the delivery, only to discover it contains a TV set that starts spewing giggling zombies all over the place. When a new family moves into the now-abandoned house, the son discovers the haunted televsion and is soon told what he needs to do to send the zombies back where they belong. Knowing and doing, however, are two very different things, and the zombies are not likely to go quietly. 

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