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Video: Dead Right Horror Trivia "Halloween" Edition!


Earlier this year, FEARnet reported from the 3rd monthly 'Dead Right' Horror Trivia Night event live from the Jumpcut Cafe. Sponsored by Shock Till You Drop and Fangoria and hosted by Ryan Turek and Rebekah McKendry, this one night of the month has become the go-to celebration where enthusastic horror fans & peers go to test their knowledge of their beloved genre for cool prizes. And since it's been going strong for 10 months now, this month marked the special "Halloween" edition of Horror Trivia night, and as you'll see the curator's pulled out all the stops!

Costumes for October's 'Dead Right' were mandatory or teams would automatically lose a point. On top of the usual rounds and challenges, masters of horror directors Tom Holland ('Fright Night,' 'Child's Play') and Stuart Gordon ('Re-Animator,' 'From Beyond') were on hand to host bonus rounds dedicated to 'Fright Night' and Edgar Allan Poe respectively. And then there were those rolls of toilet paper stationed on every teams seats? Well, you'll have to watch the video to see what ended up happening with those! If you want a break down of exactly what Dead Right Horror Trivia is, check out our previous introductory video first. Then enjoy the crazy antics of the "Halloween" edition below, complete with an appearance by FEARnet's own mascot Splatty

Be sure to come back here to FEARnet's website on November 4th for the exclusive premiere of Tom Holland's new horror anthology web-series 'Twisted Tales!' (His short story versions titled 'Untold Tales' are now available on Amazon.) Stuart Gordon is currently campaigning via Kickstarter to raise the funds for the movie version of his stage play 'Nevermore' with Jeffrey Combs in the lead as Edgar Allan Poe. You can get details on how you can help make the movie via the 'Nevermore' page and read Alyse's FEARnet interview with Stuart Gordon about the project. Are you in Los Angeles and want to keep up on when Dead Right Horror Trivia Night goes down? Be sure to "like" the official 'Dead Right Horror Trivia' Facebook page to keep tabs!


For those that missed it, here's our first trip to horror trivia night!