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News Article

Video Nasties Make Their Brilliant Return

Back in the 1980s, censorship was on a rampage in the UK. This gave birth to the "Video Nasties," an informal classification for films that were so gory, violent, morally bankrupt that they were banned in the UK, and many were formally prosecuted. Everything from Freaks to Cannibal Holocaust fell under this title, which ironically stirred more interest in these films than they would have otherwise received.

Severin Films has teamed with UK outfit Nucleus Films to the hit three-disc Video Nasties collection Stateside. This includes remastered trailers from all 72 films on the official Video Nasties list; introductions by critics and experts; and the full-length documentary on the era, Moral Panic, Censorship, & Video Tape.

This will be the first of many exploitation releases to commence in 2014.