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Vintage Scares: Disney's Haunted Mansion Board Game


Ever since I was little, I have loved Disneyland's Haunted Mansion. If only I had been born a little earlier, I probably would have had this game.

Released in 1972 by Lakeside Games, the Haunted Mansion game sent players on a ride through the Mansion. The playing surface was based off the actual Disneyland ride, and featured rotating discs that could change the play in a moment. Ghosts "spin" as you move through a 3D gamescape in your Doom Buggy. Like with the ride, the goal of the game is to escape the 999 "happy haunts" who always have "room for one more."

From the catalogue description: "Inspired by the famous Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, this fearfully [sic] family fun game is back for a second successful year. Thrills and chills abound as you race through the haunted halls to the exit door. Your fate depends on the dice. But do be careful! Tricky turntables can speed you towards the exit... or send you into the mansion depths. Don't be afraid; up to 4 players can haunt the mansion together."

Another description: "This sensational new action track game is designed from the actual Haunted Mansion Attraction in Disney World and Disneyland. The game features whimsical Disney-style art work that reinforces the Haunted Mansion feeling. Spooky ghosts are waiting to be activated each time a player lands on their spin stone. They swoop around trying to capture any player within reach. And that's the exciting feature of the Haunted Mansion game - to try to escape those 'spinning spooks.'"

I couldn't find a vintage commercial for the game (I love those) but I did find this cool 3D visualization of how the spinning discs work.


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