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Vintage Video Shows the Making of 'Pumpkinhead'



Last week we showed you a vintage video that took you behind the scenes of A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, and we've just unearthed another one for you this week, which delves into the making of another practical effects-heavy gem from the 80s; Pumpkinhead.

Released the very same year as Dream Master, in 1988, Pumpkinhead was the directorial debut of special effects master Stan Winston, who allowed the artists at his studio the freedom to design and create the titular character. It is those artists who provide modern day narration and recollections over top of this 1987 video, which shows how they arrived at the final design for one of the hands down coolest and most impressive looking creatures ever committed to celluloid.

The video has never been included on any home video releases of Pumpkinhead, and was only recently made available by the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. If anyone's wondering why so many diehard horror fans are so against CGI, you need look no further than this awesome video, which shows true effects artists at work. Enjoy!