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News Article

Viral Commercial Gives Us First Glimpse of 'The Strain' TV Series


If you watched the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead this past Sunday night, you were probably completely blown away by all the shocking and major events that went down.  But you were also probably confused by something you saw during the broadcast - not during the show itself, but rather during one of the commercial breaks...

A mysterious commercial aired during the show that featured two short clips from what looked to be a new found-footage flick, which saw two different people filming large groups of rats invading a busy city.  The commercial left the screen as quickly as it came on it, leaving behind no explanation for what had just been seen.  What was it?  Today we've got some clarification for you.

Turns out, the commercial was a clever bit of marketing for FX's upcoming TV series The Strain, based on Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan's recently released trilogy of novels.  Del Toro originally conceived the idea for the vampire tale as a TV series, turning it into a series of books after failing to find the necessary funding.  As we found out last year, The Strain will come to life on television next year, set to premiere on FX in July.

The Strain centers around a viral outbreak of an ancient strain of vampirism in New York City, which pits everyday citizens against the blood suckers.  Check out the viral commercial below and look for more soon!