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News Article

Visiting Denver? Try a Stay at the Dinosaur Hotel


Ages ago, we reported that the Japanese had built a Jurassic Park-themed sex hotel. You may have thought, "That's hot!" or "That's... hot?" You may have even planned a trip to visit. Well, pretty soon, you can stay with the dinosaurs domestically - and in a far more family-friendly setting.

The folks at the Best Western Denver are remodeling the hotel from the ground up with a fully jurassic theme. The groundbreaking is taking place today, with a projected finish date of Summer 2013. Among the planned renovations are a heated pool with a Cretaceous sea mosaic; fossil exhibits and other prehistoric curios; themed lounge and meeting rooms; and the star, Stanley, a 45-foot stegosaurus statue whose trek across the country has been chronicled on the hotel's Facebook page. The Denver hotel is located near the paleontologically-rich Great Plains region of Colorado, where the first stegosaurus fossils were discovered in 1877.

Source: Boing Boing