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News Article

Voltaire's Friday the 13th Online Adventure!


Impish Goth performer Voltaire, whose multimedia empire encompasses music, art, animation, video games, plush toys and other diabolically whimsical wonders, has a wicked treat in store for you this Friday the 13th... click on through and find out what's in store!

Not only will the devilishly funny performer be putting on a free online “un-live” show this Friday, but he also announced in the event's press release that he's planning something very unique for this particular performance.

“What if I were to tell you that this same concert was in a massive multi-player role playing game called Adventure Quest Worlds,” he asks on his official blog. “and that we'd be fighting skeletons, sailing monster-infested waters on a quest to seek a cursed artifact from a mysterious island while I play said concert?”

While participants in the game hunt for the so-called “Cursed Guitar of Skull Punch Island,” Voltaire will regale them with live tunes from his album To the Bottom of the Sea, while his popular cartoon/toy character “Deady” joins in the fun. The event will take place in real-time, broadcast to all event rooms, on all servers. “There is a good chance that this event will bring down our entire gaming network,” the artist quipped.

Find out more at the Adventure Quest Worlds event site.