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News Article

Vrangsinn's Company to Distribute Horror Films

No stranger to darkness, terror and the many faces of fear, Carpathian Forest bassist Daniel Vrangsinn – who, as we reported earlier this month, debuted his solo project Phobia at an exhibit of occult artists in Norway – has teamed up with Danish horror filmmaker director Kim Sønderholm to release three of his films through the distribution arm of Vrangsinn's multimedia company, Misantrof. It's a pretty ambitious venture, from dudes who know their way around the dark side... so hit the jump and learn more about it!

Vrangsinn and Sønderholm previously worked together on the acclaimed film Rovdrift (aka Bleed With Me), for which Vrangsinn provided some of the music, and also on the international horror anthology Horror Vault 1 – which carries the tagline “nine tales of human cruelty, nine tales of human depravity, nine tales of true horror.” This anthology of self-described “nasty little films” from horror filmmakers around the world is the first project to be distributed from this partnership, and as with Vrangsinn's solo music (including Phobia), it's totally free to watch or download at the Misantrof website.

Check out the slightly-NSFW trailer for Horror Vault 1 below... and if you're intrigued, follow the link above to watch the whole thing!