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News Article

'The Walking Dead' Attack Universal Studio's Terror Tram


In addition to The Walking Dead maze that will debut at this year's Universal Studio Halloween Horror Night, the dead will attack the tram. In order to cram more scares into the annual Halloween event, Universal Studio has added scares to the tram ride, and this year, The Walking Dead invade and make guests come face-to-face with legions of the undead.


John Murdy, Creative Director, Halloween Horror Nights, said: “The ‘Terror Tram’ is one of the most popular Halloween Horror Nights attractions since it’s the only time people can walk on the historic Universal backlot where the horror film genre was born.  The juxtaposition of the backlot’s rural setting amid a small town devastated by a horrific plane wreckage complements the TV series’ sets almost to a tee and provides the ideal backdrop to showcase  the ‘walkers’ from AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ on a grand scale.”

In addition to the Terror Tram and The Walking Dead maze, this year's Halloween Horror Nights will feature Silent Hill, La Llorna, and Alice Cooper mazes. The event begins September 21st and runs through Halloween.