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The Walking Dead Gets Sexy with Burlesque Tribute


Walking Dead burlesque

There are many words one could use to describe The Walking Dead, from violent to dramatic and intense to gory, but I don't think I've ever heard the word sexy used to describe the show - some of the characters maybe, but definitely not the show itself.  There's just nothing all that sexy about unclean people trying to survive amongst hordes of the living dead... but don't tell that to Chicago's Gorilla Tango Theatre, who beg to differ!

As we learned from the website Roadtrippers, the burlesque troupe held a special Walking Dead-themed Halloween event back in October, which was so successful that the girls decided to continue doing it straight through the year - until December 27th, to be precise.  Titled Boobs of the Dead, the parody show infuses serious doses of sexy into the apocalypse, beginning with a female version of Rick Grimes waking up to discover that the majority of Chicago has been transformed into zombies... zombie burlesque dancers, that is.

At long last, a version of Daryl Dixon that even the male horror fans can swoon over!

You can learn more about the show and purchase tickets over on Gorilla Tango Theatre's website.

If you dig this, be sure to check out video of a super sexy Silent Hill burlesque tribute, which we posted about last month!