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'The Walking Dead' Re-Imagined... As a Cross Stitch?


Nerd crafting is insanely popular right now, but even the craftiest of nerds rarely takes on cross-stitch. This craft, which involves making tiny Xs with colored threads on a canvas to create pictures, is a very old craft that does not have much popularity in modern times. When I think of cross-stitch, I generally think of ugly floral patterns turned into throw pillows, or cheesy sayings like "Bless This Mess" framed and hung on the wall.

The Cross-Stitch Ninja has forever changed my ideas about cross-stitch with her rendering of an entire page from one of the early issues of The Walking Dead comic book.

Check out the super-ultra-giant-close-up version to actually see the itty bitty stitches.

Via Sprite Stitch