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'The Walking Dead' Season Two Prep Guide


The second season of The Walking Dead is finally upon us and the countdown to more zombie fun in the comfort of your own living room is upon us. Season Two Premies October 16th on AMC. After the short first season run of six episodes, we get a full heap of the undead with 13 episodes in Season Two.

If you've missed out on Walking Dead so far and don't have time to catch up before the premiere, FEARnet has you covered. Today we bring you our exhaustive prep guide designed to bring you up to speed and have you ready to go October 16th. We've got a rundown of characters, a bullet point summary of the plot points and a graveyard list of the characters that didn't make it to Season Two (at least not as the living). The character list is relatively spoiler free, but if you still plan on marathoning the DVD's before the premiere, you might want to skim the rest carefully.

The Principal Characters

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) - The hero of the show. Rick is a Deputy, the husband of Lori and father of Carl. He is shot and enters a coma just before the outbreak. He awakens after the zombie apocalypse and must piece together what happens and search for his family.

Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal) - Rick's partner and best friend. He tried to save Rick but the walkers were coming and he was forced to leave. He sets up camp with a group of survivors including Rick's wife and son.

Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies) - Rick's wife and mother of Carl. She believes her husband to be dead. She and her son escape to a camp just outside of Atlanta.

Dale Horvath (Jeffrey DeMunn) - An older man who lost his wife to the zombies. He befriends Andrea and Amy in the camp.

Glenn (Steven Yuen) - A young man and former pizza delivery man. He knows his way around town and has become quite talented at sneaking past the zombies.

Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) - Rick and Lori's son.

Andrea (Laurie Holden) - One of the survivors in the camp outside of Atlanta and the sister of Amy.

Amy (Emma Bell) - One of the survivors in the camp outside of Atlanta and the sister of Andrea.

Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker) - A powerful man with severe racist tendencies. He has joined a group of survivors in the city.

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) - Merle's brother. He is with the camp outside of the city.

Jacqui (Jeryl Prescott Sales) - A survivor with the group in Atlanta, she later joins the camp on the outskirts.

T-Dog (Irone Singleton) - A survivor with the group in Atlanta, he later joins the camp on the outskirts.

Ed Peletier (Adam Minaorovich) - A survivor in the camp outside of Atlanta with his wife, Carol, who he is abusive towards.

Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) - A survivor in the camp outside of Atlanta and the passive, battered wife of Ed.

Jim (Andrew Rothenberg) - A mechanic and one of the survivors in the camp outside of Atlanta. His entire family was wiped out by the zombies.

Duane Jones (Adrian Kali Turner) - A young boy. He is the first survivor Rick encounters when he returns home to look for his family. The boy believes Rick to be a zombie and knocks him unconscious with a shovel.

Morgan Jones (Lennie James) - Duane's father and fellow survivor. He ties Rick up in order to confirm he is not a zombie. He later preps Rick for the new world and explains how to deal with the zombies.

Dr. Jenner (Noah Emmerich) - A worker at the CDC. He has been conducting research on the outbreak and attempting to find a vaccination. His wife, now dead, was one of his subjects.

Season One Plot Points (Spoiler Warning)

• Rick and Shane are in a high speed pursuit of two armed me. They wind up in a standoff and a third man surfaces and shoots Rick in the chest.

• After an indeterminate amount of time in coma, Rick awakens in a hospital to find himself facing an army of the undead in the post-apocalypse. He fights his way out of the hospital and goes home to find his wife Lori and son Carl.

• After arriving at home, Rick is knocked unconscious by a boy, Duane, who believes he might be a zombie. Rick awakens and must prove to the boy and his father, Morgan, that he is not one of the walkers.

• Morgan brings Rick up to speed on what happened while he was in a coma.

• At a small camp outside of Atlanta, it is revealed that Lori, Carl and Shane are still alive and have formed a camp with fellow survivors. We also discover that Lori, believing Rick to be dead, has begun a relationship with Shane.

• Rick, Morgan and Duane head to the police station to gather weaponry. Rick encounters another officer who has become a zombie and must kill him.

• The group parts ways and Rick heads to Atlanta in a police cruiser, where he believes he might find his family.

• After running out of gas, Rick winds up at a farmhouse largely inhabited by walkers. Rick finds a horse and continues his journey on horseback.

• Rick arrives in Atlanta to find the city destroyed. He hears a helicopter overhead and tries to gain its attention, but instead alerts a horde of zombies. Rick's gunfire only attracts more walkers so he must hide in an abandoned tank for safety.

• A voice contacts Rick on the radio. A fellow survivor, Glenn, helps him escape and takes him to a group of survivors inside a department store.

• Now alerted to the group, walkers surround the department store. The group heads to the roof. A battle for leadership ensures and Merle attacks T-Dog. Rick breaks it up and handcuffs Merle to a pipe.

• Rick and Glenn cover themselves in the blood and organs of a dispatched walker to disguise their scent and try to reach a box truck. Rain washes away their disguise, but Rick is able to reach the truck and Glenn takes a Challenger.

• Before they leave, T-Dog accidentally drops the keys to the handcuffs down a drain, so Merle is stranded on the roof.

• Rick, Glenn and the rest of the group arrive at the camp outside of the city, where Rick is reunited with Lori, Carl and Shane.

• The group discover a walker feasting on a deer. This is the first walker they've seen near their camp.

• Merle's brother Daryl returns to the camp and is enraged when he hears what happened to his brother.

• Rick decides he must return to the camp to save Merle and retrieve the bag of weapons he dropped when the zombies trapped him in the tank.

• While the women are washing clothes, Ed confronts his wife Carol and tells her to get back to work. When the women defend her, he strikes his wife. Shane shows up and beats Ed badly, threatening to kill him if he should hit his wife again.

• In Atlanta, Rick and the rescue group return to the rooftop to find Merle gone, with only the handcuffs, his severed hand and a hacksaw left behind.

• Daryl picks up the hand and threatens T-Dog with his crossbow. Rick puts a pistol to Daryl's head and calms him down.

• The group tracks the trail of blood left by Merle.

• At the camp, Jim has been acting peculiar. The group confronts him while he is obsessively digging holes. Shane restrains Jim, who breaks down about the death of his family.

• In Atlanta, the group concoct a plan to divert the walkers and grab the bag of guns. They run into a young Latino man who is also trying to grab the guns. Daryl is captured.

• An exchange of Daryl for the guns is arranged with a Latino gang. After a standoff, it is revealed that the men are guarding a hidden nursing home. Rick gives the men some guns and they leave.

• When they return to where they left their vehicle, they find it missing. They suspect Merle might have taken it.

• Once Rick and the group return to the camp, they find the others under attack from a group of walkers. They fight them off, but Amy and Ed have been bitten.

• Rick tries to radio Morgan to warn him about Atlanta.

• While Andrea mourns the death of her sister, Rick tells her that they must dispose of her sister's body before she turns into a zombie. She pulls a pistol and Rick relents.

• We discover Jim was bitten during the attack.

• Rick makes a case to head to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) in Druid Hills, GA for safety and a possible cure. Shane disagrees.

• Amy turns and Andrea shoots her in the head.

• The group embarks for the CDC. One family decides to go to Birmingham to look for family.

• During the trip, Dale's RV breaks down. While they are working on it, Jim asks to be left behind.

• Before the group arrives at the CDC, we are introduced to a man inside the CDC named Jenner. He is doing experiments on tissue, but has been unable to find an antidote for the outbreak.

• Rick and co. arrive at the CDC to find it surrounded by walkers.

• The group manages to get close to the CDC and Rick notices a camera moving. Rick pleads with the operator, Jenner, who reluctantly lets them in.

• In a flashback, we see Rick in the hospital after the gunshot and Shane visiting him. When the outbreak begins, Shane tries to save Rick. Realizing the attempt is futile, Shane blocks Rick's door and escapes.

• Once the group enters the CDC, Jenner demands they submit to a blood test.

• The group have dinner and drinks.

• A drunken Shane confronts Lori and confesses his feelings for her. He nearly rapes her and she scratches his neck, drawing blood.

• Jenner shows the group results from his testing on a subject known as TS-19.

• Jenner reveals that the facility is set for automatic decontamination in an hour. He tells the group it will be a painless way to go.

• Daryl and Shane attack Jenner, who reluctantly opens the doors.

• Jacqui and Andrea elect to stay behind.

• Dale refuses to leave without Andrea. They emerge seconds before the explosion.

• The CDC explodes. The group depart in a convoy of vehicles.

In Memoriam: Characters that Didn't Make It (Spoiler Warning)

Amy - Bitten during a zombie attack, her sister Andrea must shoot her in the head when she turns into a zombie.

Ed - Killed during the zombie attack on the camp.

Jim - Bitten during the zombie attack on the camp, he survives for a while and nearly makes it to the CDC. As his condition worsens, he asks to be left behind so he doesn't endanger the others.

Jacqui - When the CDC is destroyed, she decides to stay behind.

Dr. Jenner - After failing to find a cure for the disease and the death of his wife, he decides to stay behind when the CDC self-destructs.

The Walking Dead: Season Two premieres October 16th on AMC