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'The Walking Dead' Surprises in Germany


Marketing companies in Germany have finally figured out what you and I have known for years: that girls love horror. Now if only American companies could understand that. Anyway, a marketing company called Saint Elmo's combined zombies and technology to promote The Walking Dead.

In Berlin subway stations, travelers will see this innocuous, boring ad for makeup remover:

But as you approach the billboard, it morphs into this ad for The Walking Dead (or to show exactly how much that makeup remover takes off):

"The campaign was inspired by a surprising insight – that the horror genre is now as popular with women as it is with men," says Dennis Pfisterer, Creative Managing Director at Saint Elmo’s. ("Duh," says Alyse.) "We drastically countered the outdated cliche that all horror fans are male by using a cliched image in the style of a beauty product ad, so that we could appeal above all to female horror fans, alongside male fans, with this concept of a ‘makeup removal program for good TV nights.'"

I am a little dubious that this ad campaign would bring new female fans to The Walking Dead, but hey, at least someone is trying something different.

Source: Hollywood Reporter