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News Article

'The Walking Dead' Video Game Episode 4 Trailer


The newest Walking Dead video game trailer Around Every Corner, written by Book of Eli and After Earth scribe Gary Whitta, just landed and it will be available this October on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC/MAC, followed shortly by the finale in Episode Five, No Time Left.

The trailer combines a classic we’re-just-trying-to-stay-alive zombie movie storyline with what appears to be a more sinister tale of murder and torture. Here’s the synopsis from Telltale:

Once again, we thank you for travelling along with us all the way from Macon, and now to the end of the tracks into the deadly streets of Savannah, GA.  You've come this far, and with humanity pushed to the edge of extinction, we ask you one question... Are you truly ready to put everything on the line for Clementine?