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News Article

'The Walking Dead' Walks Into Record-Breaking Numbers

As season two of The Walking Dead draws to a close, we should be used to the shows record-breaking numbers. Well, they have hit another series high. Last night's finale of The Walking Dead is no exception, as the episode drew a series high. Hit the jump for the nitty gritty.

The Walking Dead scored a 5.8 HH rating, translating to about 9 million viewers - just for the 9:00pm airing. Add in the 11:30pm airing, and that number jumps to 10.5 million viewers. And this doesn't even include the DVR numbers for people who will watch it later this week. These numbers are beyond huge for basic cable. These are broadcast numbers. Airing at the same time on ABC, a new episode of Desperate Housewives pulled in about 8.99 million viewers.

That's a lot of math.