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News Article

Wanna Help GWAR Launch a New Webseries?


According to the latest site update from GWAR, the galaxy's most depraved mutant metallers are branching out into yet another media project: this time they've focused their twisted minds on a new comedy webseries, The Blood Vomits. Given the band's reputation, you can expect sophisticated, refined high-brow humor... and if you believe that, we've got some swampland to sell you. But seriously, the teaser for this series is kinda cute, and GWAR's asking their fans (and anyone else who's interested) to kick in a little coin to help get this thing off the ground. There's a clip below, so hit the jump and you'll see what we mean!

GWAR's not alone in this disturbingly funny project: their production company Slave Pit, Inc. also recruited from the ranks of metal's elite to lend voices and original theme music to the show, which will air on GWAR TV. Set in the time of the Black Plague, the story revolves around the characters of Mad Dog (played by GWAR's Oderus Urungus, aka Dave Brockie), Nails (Lamb of God's Randy Blythe) and The Vicar (Tony Foresta of Municipal Waste), "as they rape and pillage their way into your hearts." According to Oderus, their goal is to "put the EVIL in medieval... ugh."

According to producer Mike Derks, Slave Pit is using the Kickstarter website to raise money for the first full episode: "We have set a goal of $5000.00, and have one month to reach it," he said. "If we can't raise that we don't get squat. If we do, we make the episode. If we get more than the goal, we build more fucked up puppets to kill and have sex with each other." They're offering perks based on donation amount – including an onscreen credit, band merch, or if you're (un)lucky, "a phone call from Oderus Urungus himself…that is if you really want that."

Check out the site for more info... but first, watch this!