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War Zombies? Check Out the 'Sella Turcica' Trailer


Brave souls only need venture forth. If you're unfamiliar with TOETAG's brand of horrific, true to life horror flicks, there's probably a reason for that. Movies like  the August Underground trilogy, The Redsin Tower, Murder Collection v.1, and Maskhead  can make even the most jaded of horror fans wince. That being said, TOETAG annouced about a month ago that Camille Keaton, star of the notorious 1978 exploitation classic I Spit on Your Grave aka Day of the Woman was set to star in TOETAG's latest flick, Sella Turcica and today we have the first trailer, check it out below.

"For Brad the war is over. For his family it has just begun."

The first trailer for TOETAG INC.'s latest film, "Sella Turcica", starring Camille Keaton, Damien Maruscak, and Jade Risser. Available on DVD October 2010.

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